Haven’t we done this before? The failed 2003 vote

March 28, 2012

Tim Sarnoff sarnoff@imageworks.com

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The votes have been counted. 401 people voted.

The results are:
373 No
24 Yes

Imageworks will remain non-union. More to follow in tomorrow’s monthlies.


And that is how it ended 9 years ago.

This is an effort to inform all the new hires about the past, and not to open old wounds. Since there is no history book, we’re left with what the veteran artists say as a document for what happened.

(and what a comment it is on our business that 9 years at the same place is seen as being an old timer.)

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March 27, 2012

Perhaps you wondered what that card and envelope were on your desk last week.

It was an IATSE Representation Card. Its a small document that is your lever to get yourself better health and pension benefits, and an overall better deal with your employer.

Perhaps you’re wondering why it was put there, who is responsible, and why you should care.

Glad you asked.
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