Meeting wrapup

Wow, great turn out everyone! We even got people to drive in from other facilities, which is awesome.

Sorry its taken a few days to post this update. LOTS of movement, talking, and planning to review.

Everyone got to see and say hello to everyone else. Lots of press coverage of course. Even better is all the artists commenting on the various articles with their own personal stories and feelings. A good takeaway point is that WE get to decide what is and isn’t in a future union agreement. Once enough rep cards are in, a nomination committee will be selected to hammer out the actual language. So now is the time to express your needs/wants/questions/and concerns.

This was not the only meetup, there will be more. Steve wants to come down here every week to talk to us. Probably on different days and times since everyone’s schedule is all over the place. Mail us or him if there are times you feel will work better than others. (We hear there will be food next time too!)

TAG’s coverage here.

Scott Squires (big time former ILM vfx supe) was there, and has a great post with specific info for vfx artists with questions about unionizing.

Variety posted an article. (Excuse their idea that all of us are “animators”, support is across disciplines and titles)

Cartoon Brew has coverage as well.

We’ve updated the links on the sidebar to keep track of the press coverage. And we added a section where we’ll be keeping all the official responses from the company so far.

If you are at another facility and want some info, mail us. Maybe you’re not comfortable with talking to TAG yet, or want to stay anonymous. That’s cool, we can walk you through the steps you need to get the ball rolling at your facility too.

spiunion at hotmail dot com


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