VFX Union Meetup – 4/27

Friday April 27th.

Culver Hotel

9400 Culver Boulevard  Culver City, California 90232
12-3 pm

IATSE Representatives Vanessa Holtgrewe and Peter Marley along with TAG organizer Steve Kaplan will be back at the Culver Hotel to answer, questions, hand out rep cards, and talk about the next steps necessary to Sony to negotiate a contract for the artists at Imageworks.

This time, the meeting will be held in the dining room of the hotel. Water, iced tea and lemonade will be available along with some finger-foods. A sign will be placed in the lobby pointing the way to the room.

Heard lots of rumors about healthcare, and 401k plans? Not sure how the retirement benefits work? What would you like to see them do for you? Come by and ask them in person! You don’t need to be a Sony employee to attend. All vfx artists are welcome.

What you need to do:

1. Tell everyone!
We’re posting around the internet and talking in the halls to get the word out, and we need your help too. You could print out this post and hand it to the people next to you. Help us get the word out.

2. We need volunteers willing to take back cards to work.
The discussion is out in the open now. Do not disrupt the workday with card distribution. Finish your work first, then hand out cards.

Map to the Culver:


Its best for anyone driving to the meeting to park in the Trader Joe’s lot located just east of the hotel and across the street from Imageworks, or at the Bank of America lot located on the other side of Culver across from the hotel.


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