To the MIB3 and Spidey crews

Read a great comment from Dave Rand on vfxsolider this weekend:

It’s been a fact for over 15 yrs the the most profitable films come from our efforts…from VFX. When you watch the credits roll our names are at the bottom of that totem pole and often just plain left out, why? …because pixels are expensive? because we have no representation!.

More disconcerting is that we actually fund their representation, and the pension and health care plans for all the names that appear ABOVE ours from the residual portions of the films that we supplied most of the profitability to.

Think about that.

So exactly how many jobs were covered under a union agreement on the latest 2 Columbia Pictures shows that we worked on? We asked Vanessa Holtgrewe from IATSE to let us know exactly what jobs were covered under these 2 films:

The answer is they have one contract. Sony Pictures Studios, Inc. is signed to the Basic Agreement and its supplements which covers all their projects. So any and all Sony Pictures Studios, Inc. projects are covered by the IA. For example, two upcoming summer films, Men In Black 3 and The Amazing Spider-man, had all these job titles (and more, this is not a complete list by any means) working under an IATSE contract:

camera department (including the director of photography, camera operators, assistant cameras, digital and film loaders, stills photographers, publicists);

sound department;

lighting department (including the gaffer, grips, electrics);

hair stylists;

makeup artists;

craft-service department;

art department (including the production designer, art director, scenic, title and graphic artist, prop, carpenter, and on-set special and visual effects);

editing department;

costume designer;


script supervisor;

studio teachers;

and first aid employees.

So when you go to see those movies with your families in the coming weeks, the crew thanks you! Thanks for spending all those long hours making such amazing imagery! Watch all those names go by before yours show up at the end. Read each name and think how those people are getting portable health insurance benefits and contributions to their pension plans thanks to your work. Does that make sense to you? How are you not outraged yet at the conditions you have voluntarily chosen to work under?

When their jobs end on those shows, they have health insurance. When your job ends, you get to pay $1600 a month for COBRA. (married, 1 child. Call the SPE Benefits Connection Service Center at 1 (866) 941-4SPE and ask them for your numbers).

By the way, here’s what the President of Columbia Pictures (your boss) has to say about us:

“In the current business climate you want to be as cost-efficient as possible, but there’s no avoiding the fact that to produce a summer tent-pole on the scale necessary to succeed globally, you’ve got to spend to be competitive,” said Amy Pascal, co-chairman of Sony Pictures.

Ready to sign a Representation Card yet?


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  1. […] During Hotel T , Imageworks artists are working on the other side of a cubicle from SPA artists, while earning inferior benefits. We’ve already written about how nearly every other crew member on Sony productions gets better benefits than Imageworks employees do. […]

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