What do you want?

Union representation isn’t about letting some third party come in and define your future as vfx companies already do. It is a process for vfx artists to come together and express grievances and work towards achieving goals that improve the quality of our lives while producing the best vfx possible for the benefit of studios.

The Union needs:

1. Filled out and submitted Rep cards. As noted before, the card is not a vote for the Union, just a request for them to negotiate a contract with the studio which we will vote in or out. If most employees simply fill out the cards, it puts us in a position of power to work out a contract in our favor.

2. Talk to Union representatives and let them know your concerns. What would you like to see changed to improve work conditions within vfx? You want a contract that represents you? Speak up.

3. Spread the word. Get the facts and let other people know. With enough rep cards in place, the union can negotiate a contract based off the needs of workers and studios. How much leverage it has depends on how many rep cards are signed and submitted.

It’s up to you. Let’s start in the comments here and learn some of the things that you as a vfx artist want to see happen in our industry. Perhaps we can get some conversations going and as a first step, start to figure out what could even be done.

What would make your experience at studios better?

Better pay? Sick days? Limits on crunch time? Vacation guarantees? Dispute assistance? Healthcare? Savings plans? Training? Credits? Respect for our contribution to films?

With a discussion we can begin to connect, even anonymously if you prefer. This will show us what some of our common wants are and we can begin discussing feasbility. Please, sign a rep card and send it in. Without it, we have no bargaining power. The more you participate, the more you can have a hand in defining your Union. United, we can make a difference.


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