IATSE vfxunion at Siggraph 2012!

IATSE vfxunion magnets

 IATSE will be at booth #352 across from Canon on the Siggraph 2012 show floor!

IA Representative, Vanessa Holtgrewe , will be at Siggraph booth #352 with:

Mark Weingartner, VFX DP  “The Dark Knight Rises”

From Canada:  IA Rep Julia Neville, Dusty Kelly from Local 891 in Vancouver, and Christian LeMay,  Regional Business Agent  IA 667 in Montreal.

Members from the Editor’s Guild, the Animation Guild 839, and The Art Director’s Guild 800 will be there to answer all union-related questions.

If you work in the US or Canada in VFX,

If you work for a studio where your hard work pays for the benefits of another division of the company , but not your own  (Imageworks, PDI, Nickelodeon CG),

If you want to improve this industry,

Then find out about the amazing health and pension benefits of joining a union.

Come by and say hello, and get your cool “I am VFXsoldier” button and “vfxunion” magnets!

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