Who we are:

Artists at Sony Pictures Imageworks and other VFX facilities.

What *ALL* artists working in VFX deserve:

Portable Health Insurance Benefits
Retirement and Pension Benefits
Paid Overtime
Vacation Days

These are the things that we deserve as professionals.

When we lose our jobs will we have health insurance and a retirement pension? Our jobs are from project to project. Unemployment is the new business model. We need health insurance that will carry us through downtimes. Now more than ever before.

We are not second class citizens. We sacrifice, work hard, and make good movies we should all be proud of. We are not a commodity, we have talent, we have value.

Our neighbors at SPA voted to become members of the IATSE in 2004. The sky has not fallen for them, and it won’t for us. They have been earning pensions this whole time. What have you been earning working on the same movies?

Remember it is against federal law:
* to take action against workers because of interest in forming a union
* to be fired for attempting to unionize
* to threaten to close a business if a union vote is successful.

Sony is not a scrappy little independent start-up, we are part of an enormous international company with over 168,000 employees (many of them working under a union contract) and billions of dollars in revenue in 2011.
source:  http://www.google.com/finance?q=NYSE:SNE

We are the only vfx facility that has all of the following: makes our own content (Cloudy, Smurfs), is partially unionized (SPA), does vfx for other studios, has offices in multiple countries, and is owned by one of the major studios. That gives us a very unique edge in this discussion over any other facility in the world.

Let us show the rest of the CG industry that change can start with us.

-The artists of SpiUnion

* Full disclosure:

“Hey, that Union is messing around here again.”
It should be clear, that the artists of Imageworks contacted TAG first and requested assistance. If we have questions about the accuracy of our statements, we submit them to Steve Kaplan for fact checking. If we make an error , we want it corrected, even if it works against us.

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