MPI Health Plans

Below, find the MPI Health Plan breakdown chart.

Understand that this chart outlines the plans in their current state. The current contract negotiations could include changes to these plans. If any changes are made, this chart will be updated.

Motion Picture Industry Health Plan
Eligibility Earned after six month qualifying period where at least 600 hours is worked.Participation is checked every six months and maintained by working at least
400 hours in the previous six month period.
Premiums Currently, there are no premiums for participation in the MPI Health plans. However, that may change with the new
contract being negotiated.
Bank of Hours Funded by hours worked after participation in the next six-month period is reached. Capped at 450 hours. Used to maintain participation in the
health plan if there aren’t enough hours worked when the plan checks for eligibility.
Who is covered? * Participant
* Spouse/Same-Sex Domestic Partner
(if that person works and their job offers health care, they must take
minimum and MPI will act as secondary)
* Children
Medical Options
MPTF Health Centers)
Kaiser HMO HealthNet HMO
Co-Pay $30 per visit($5 per visit at MPTF
Health Centers)
$15 per visit $15 per visit
Insurance covers 90% In-Network costs All in-network costs All in-network costs
Out Of Pocket Maximums $1000 per year $8000 per individual /
$16,000 per family, per year
$8000 per individual /
$16,000 per family, per year
Comparison Chart
Dental Options
Delta Dental PPO DeltaCare USA HMO
Co-Pay $25 Individual / $50
Family per year
No Co-Pay
Insurance covers 80% In-Network Usual
and Customary fees
>All in-network costs
Out Of Pocket Maximums $2000 per year No Out of Pocket Max
(no costs passed to participant)
Orthodontics Eligible dependent
children only
50% of costs covered
$1k lifetime maximum
$1,100 for Children
$1,500 for adults
$250 start-up fee
Vision Service Plan (VSP)
Co-Pay $20 per visit
Insurance covers One Standard Exam
Lenses once per year
Frames once per two-years
Frames Allowance $145
Can be put towards
cost of expensive frames
20% discount on cost difference after allowance
Contact Lenses Once a year in lieu of
Frames and Lenses
$105 allowance for lenses and fitting exam
If prescribed by doctor, all costs are covered
Medco (Prescription Drugs)
Co-Pay (less than 90
day need)
Generic name: $10
Brand Name: $40
Co-Pay (Medco-By-Mail)
(for prescriptions lasting over 90 days)
Generic name: $25
Brand Name: $100

Motion Picture Industry Health Plan Chart

4 Responses to MPI Health Plans

  1. Anonymous says:

    $8000/$16,000 out of pocket for Kaiser? That’s incredibly high. The current Sony plan is only $1500/$3000. How likely is it we can at least match the current Sony benefits?

    • skaplan839 says:

      Hello Anon,

      It may seem high when comparing the numbers, but the real apples-to-apples comparison takes place when you match up out of pocket costs. Since you’re talking about an HMO, there are little to no costs not managed by the HMO and therefore the responsibility of the participant.

      To find the list of MPI HMO out of pocket costs, go to pages 75 – 83 of the Health Plan SPD. If you can provide the out of pocket costs for Sony’s HMO, a real comparison can be done.

      Otherwise its safe to assume no matter what they set HMO out of pocket costs limits to be, you’ll never hit those limits because the HMO manages the costs internally.

  2. Re premiums under the tentative deal recently negotiated, you can find details at

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