Rep Card

Here, you will find the The Animation Guild Representation Card. Signing the card means you want the IATSE to represent you as your bargaining agent with Imageworks. Its called TAG’s because they’ve made some small and NLRB approved modifications to the card to better follow up with artists.

What is the representation card?

The Representation Card is a physical manifestation of your desire to have IATSE represent you as your bargaining agent with Imageworks. Signing and returning the card does not initiate membership with the union. It shows your interest in IATSE membership and representation. Once a majority of artists have returned signed representation cards, IATSE will move forward with getting Imageworks to begin contract negotiations.

Will Imageworks know if I’ve signed a card?

No. Once received, your signed card will be filed away not to be seen again unless called for by the NLRB.

Where do I get a card?

Stop by any of your co-workers desks that have a big stack of them sitting out.

Or Click This Link and a new page will open with a digital copy of the card. Fill it out in the window it opens. Print it, sign it and send it To Steve Kaplan at the Animation Guild. You can fax it to (818) 843-0300 or mail it to:

The Animation Guild
1105 N. Hollywood Way
Burbank, CA 91505

You can also email Steve, to arrange a time to meet so he can collect the card.

7 Responses to Rep Card

  1. billyshakes1492 says:

    what if i dont work for spi?

  2. C says:

    Hey Steve what if we are in new york city? Does the IATSE have a local here to represent NYC vfx artists?

    • skaplan839 says:

      Indeed. There are locals all across the country. New York has locals that are ready to represent you. Be sure to fill out this card and send it back to the address on the IATSE VFX page its posted on.

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