What can I do?

If you work at Imageworks in Vancouver, Albuquerque, or Culver City:

* Send in the rep card. Print it out or get one from a number of people at work that have them on their desks.

* Educate yourself , read the discussions, post comments, and ask questions.

(We’re working on the same shows you are, working the same long hours. We will get you a response as fast as we can.)

* Stay professional, be courteous, and don’t violate your NDA.

(You CAN’T be fired for discussing a union. But you CAN be fired for revealing something about the show you are on that you shouldn’t be saying in public. Remember: NO proprietary company info!)

* If you want to stay anonymous, a good post to read is this (we have no affiliation other than posting this link):


If you work somewhere else:

* Retweet us, like us on Facebook, link us, blog us

* Ask questions about unionizing to your colleagues and yourself! You may find more of your peers more interested than you think.


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